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Positron High Voltage Live Line Testers For Porcelain & Polymeric Composite Insulators

Protect the Safety of Personnel and Prevent Costly Power Outages and Downed Power Lines

complete range of high voltage insulatro measurement

- Safe to use: Does not make electrical contact with the lines or insulators
- Proven electric field detection technology methodology
- Does NOT rely on line of sight, heat (Infrared), corona discharge (Ultra Violet) or acoustics with limited reliability
- 100% reliable to detect all conductive defects including early stage defects and contamination

Safe, Simple and Accurate

Defective suspension insulators flashover, severely compromised their mechanical integrity. This can result in prolonged power outages and downed power lines. Downed power transmission lines pose a serious threat to people and our environment. The Positron Insulator Testers are revolutionary, easy-to-use lightweight tools that record defects and reveal dangerous conditions on energized suspension insulators, station posts, bushings, and lightning arresters. The Positron Insulator Testers sense and record the electric field distribution along the insulators, revealing all conductive insulator defects. The E-field Testers can be used on all types of insulators (Porcelain, Composite, Glass* for contamination assessment, etc.) and are safe, easy-to-use simple and produce inherently accurate results.

The operational integrity of high voltage insulators is a priority, particularly when you consider that a damaged, electrically deficient insulator can lead to system failure, serious injury, wildfires, or loss of life. Positron’s Insulator Testers are a major advance in ensuring suspension insulator integrity, allowing for the safe and reliable performance evaluation of critical high voltage insulators. Simply slide the Sled-mounted Tester along the polymeric composite insulator or porcelain insulator string, and the results are automatically processed and instantly viewable on the Tablet/Laptop pre-load with the Windows-based Insulator Tester Software.

Positron système de détection de défaut d'isolateur haute tension

positron isolateur haute tension verre silicone ou polymère

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