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PPC Insulators® manufacturer of insulators for substations, overhead lines and electrostatic filters

PPC Insulators® is a world leader in electrical insulation. It has over 130 years of experience in manufacturing porcelain insulators for overhead transmission lines, substations and electrostatic filters.

The traditional porcelain insulator appeared at the end of the 19th century. PPC improved its operation by developing isostatic production technology. Product design and manufacturing were optimized, resulting in high quality products with tighter tolerances and shorter manufacturing times, for applications up to 1200 kV AC (Alternating Current) and 1100 kV DC (Direct Current).

PPC Insulators® offers a wide range of products and services related to electrical insulation. New developments are frequent to improve the design of insulators, increase their performance and optimize their dimensions. By combining modern design tools with the capabilities of different production and logistics facilities, PPC is able to respond quickly to your needs.

PPC has a large production capacity with 4 production sites, two in Europe, one in Asia and one in Latin America.

In addition, it offers modern insulation solutions, such as hybrid insulation columns or RTV coatings, to provide excellent performance under extreme conditions.

PPC products are approved and used worldwide, serving most of the players in the electrical power industry, from generation to transmission and distribution.

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