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The DEPOSIT® range consists of several prefabricated pits with different retention volumes. They are made of reinforced fiberglass and have a double wall.

This double wall is constantly pressurized and monitored by a pressure gauge which allows the detection of a possible leak or a loss of tightness. In case of a rupture of one of the walls, the pressure drop between the two thicknesses allows to identify the problem from the surface.

In addition to retention volumes, the DEPOSIT® range developed by SANERGRID® is available in several prefabricated offset pit standards:

- Single-chamber remote tank (Mono Volume): DEPOSIT®-MV range,
- Single-chamber remote tank for the storage of emergency fire water (Deluge Water): DEPOSIT®-DW range,
- Triple volume tank: DEPOSIT®-TV range.

DEPOSIT® pits are connected to the network either by nozzles (concrete, steel-cement, ...), flanges or sleeves. Other types of connections can be studied according to your needs.

The size of these connections and their diameter can be adapted on request to allow you to treat any water flow.


DEPOSIT® subterranean containment pit for transformer

DEPOSIT® prefabricated subterranean containment pits allows you to install your interceptor faster, cheaper and more reliably in substations and for power transformers. Robust, reliable, resistant to corrosion and hot oils. Twice safer than concrete pits...
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