Electrical insulators

SANERGRID sells different lines of products for insulation solutions:

Insulating materials SCHWEIZER : for manufacture of electro mechanicals apparatus: NOMEX papers, laminated papers NMN or else, lead wires, insulating sleeves, resins, Mylar, reconditioned product folded, cut, punched, tapes…

EXPERTO tools for electrical works: :  electrical tools for individual protection, Arc Flash protection, cable cutting, cable crimping, preparation and junctions... for low, medium and high tension ; under European standards, French (NF) and German (DIN)


E/COVERBIRD MIDSUN special silicone cover for avifauna protection on insulator

The E/COVERBIRD is an insulating cover for bushings of electrical transformers. Vulcanized at high temperature, it has been specially designed to allow thermographic measurements on the conductors while protecting birds and rodents from possible...
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