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Rain drains, Oils contained with Solidification Products International’s patented products PETRO-PLUG®, PETRO-PIPE® and PETRO-BARRIER™

SPI’s products are cost effective, passive oil containment for retrofit areas or new construction. All SPI containment products are design to allow water to drain oil containment areas, removing oil sheen to a non-detectable level, yet still seal in the event of an oil spill or being subjected to fire events including transformer explosions. No oil has ever escaped through any of our technically advanced yet functionally simple containment solutions, that comply with EPA SPCC regulations. Our confidence is supported by our patents, by thousands of installations throughout North America and the world.

In Europe many big electrical utilities and industrial already uses those product since many years, and many approvals and test have been done by independent laboratories such as Bureau Veritas, UK environment Agency and is being used by major industrial players and electrical Utilities. For any sales, technical or special design question, contact with SANERGRID

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Hydrocarbons removal filters in water SPI
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PETRO PIPE - P-PIT 410 & 416 Test Bureau Veritas

PETRO PIPE - PI-616 Test Bureau Veritas

Presentation SPI : Solidification Product International

Pre-filtration box for Petro-PIPE® PI-616-M2 & P-PIT

Pre Filtration Box (PFB) recommended to be placed upstream of the filtration systems Petro-PIPE® (PI-616-M2 and P-PIT) to ovoid filters active media to be blocked by waters impurities (mud, sand, leaves, etc). The PFB internals must be cleaned egularly to...

StormWater Petro-Barrier: high flow rate hydrocarbon separator filter cartridge

The STORM WATER PETRO BARRIER™ is an in-ground hydrocarbon separator specially designed to provide continuous filtration of drainage water while retaining 100% of the hydrocarbons released from large basins or retention volumes
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