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SGB®: dry transformer, distribution, traction, special, wind and custom

Presentation: SGB SMIT Group has one of the largest dry and oil transformer ranges on the European market. German manufacturer since 1947 (Regensburg-MUNICH), SGB began manufacturing dry transformers in 1979 and has two dedicated plants producing several thousand units per year. Up to 25 MVA of power and up to 36 kV nominal isolation voltage.

More than 30 years of activity in the construction of dry type transformers gives SGB-SMIT the world's greatest experience, which reflected the extremely high quality indices, such as a MTBF (mean time between failure = Average running time) of more than 2,400 years.
Thanks to their special design, SGB-SMIT dry transformers offer a wide range of characteristics that distinguish them technically from other dry transformers and make them very reliable and safe solution.

For the customer, the management benefits are clear:
• The principle of multi-layer windings ensures reliable control of high shock and switching voltages.
• Cooling channels provide thermal reserves which make overloads possible.
• The use of fiberglass-reinforced plastic for sealed windings makes it possible to withstand thermal shocks.
• Long service life is ensured

Strengths: Range amplitude, the most advanced technical level. In 2016 SANERGRID® has developed with SGB a standard range for 24kV competitive distribution for the French market. Finally, for special applications, traction and wind power, SGB has exceptionally advanced technical expertise and testing facilities within its plants. World leader in dry coated transformers for wind applications. Average time: 8 to 10 weeks for one or more units. French references.

Présentation des transformateurs secs SGB
bac de rétention transformateur huile feu coupe feu moduLaire SANERGRID ERT TRT BDR BDRSA BR EXTICOV FOSSE TRANSFORMATEUR edf enedis rte

Distribution standard Gravity Line
bac de rétention transformateur huile feu coupe feu moduLaire SANERGRID ERT TRT BDR BDRSA BR EXTICOV FOSSE TRANSFORMATEUR edf enedis rte


GRAVITYline standard dry-type distribution transformers

SGB's Gravity range of encapsulated dry-type transformers has been specifically designed to meet the needs of the distribution sector of the French electrical market. Based on the SGB wire layer technology and their 50 years of experience in transformers,...

SanerVib noise and vibration dampers for electrical transformer

SanerVib®  noise reduction solutions for electrical transformers are made up of different anti-vibration pads and low frequency silentblocks specially designed to soundproof transformers, isolating vibrations up to 99%.

Special cast resin transformer for wind turbine SGB

Cast resin dry type transformers ECO DESIGN SANERGRID for fire protection and safety in your installation, no retention tank and no extinguishing system required. Recommended for hospitals, tunnels, train, supermarket...  
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