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Our range of cast resin transformers is from 50 kVA to 20 MVA with voltages up to 36 kV. Trafo Elettro cast resin transformers are distinguished for their customized design which makes them immediately recognizable. And above all, the market has appreciated the technical and quality features for more than 40 years. Trafo Elettro cast resin transformers are ideal for installation in various applications that range from the production to distribution of electricity.

As the high voltage windings are totally casted, the cast resin transformers are totaly screened out against moisture, dust and industrial waste due to heavily polluted environment. This is why they do not require to be installed in any airconditioned premises and are maintenance-free. Suitable industrial applications: rolling mills, foundries, refineries, offshore platforms, mines, undergrounds etc...

Due to the flame-resistant and self-extinguishing materials used, cast resin transformers are particularly suitable also for special applications like: hospitals, clinics, banks, commercial buildings, supermarkets, nuclear plants, skyscrapers and high ecological environments, etc...


-Reduced partial discharges obtained thanks to a innovative casting process

-Longer life due to a lower partial discharge level on windings

-High resistance of short circuit efforts thanks to the application of fibber glass on windings

-Low losses compared to the traditional transformers

-Specific design in order to increase the cooling on the winding

-Reduced dimension through a designing aimed to optimized the materials and satisfy the needs of the work site


SanerVib noise and vibration dampers for electrical transformer

SanerVib®  noise reduction solutions for electrical transformers are made up of different anti-vibration pads and low frequency silentblocks specially designed to soundproof transformers, isolating vibrations up to 99%.

Special dry-type cats resin power transformers, traction or wind turbine TrafoELETTRO

Special dry-type cast resin transformers TrafoELETTRO for power applications and especially for wind turbines, traction applications, mining, petrochemical, furnace transformers, rectifier transformers...

Standard dry-type distribution cast resin transformer TrafoELETTRO by SYNERDIS

Standard SYNERDIS encapsulated cast resin transfo rmers has been specifically designed to meet the needs of the distribution sector of the French electrical market. It combines a highly standardized design with an optimized production line automation.

TrafoELETTRO Dry type cast resin bi tension transformers SANERGRID

Cast resin dry type transformers bi tension ECO DESIGN SANERGRID for fire protection and safety in your installation, no retention tank and no extinguishing system required. Recommended for hospitals, tunnels, train, supermarket...  
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