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NOMEX®: a family of insulation materials adapted to the electrical industry :

Insulation Class 220°C - 220 °C - Continuous Operation Temperature Resistance (UL 546 B) - Flame resistant (UL 94 V-O) - High mechanical strength. We have an extensive stock of all NOMEX® types and thicknesses. Our product portfolio includes formed parts and adhesive tapes made of NOMEX® we cut in our facilities   

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  • Thermal stability: UL approved for use in electrical machines at continuous operating temperatures of up to 220 °C; properties remain virtually unchanged even during continuous operation (UL 546 B). Operation at considerably higher temperatures is also possible for short periods of time.
  • Flame resistant, self extinguishing: NOMEX® products do not melt, and with an LOI value (Limited Oxygen Index) of over 20.8 at 220 °C (the critical value for combustion in normal air) do not support the combustion process (UL 94 V-O).
  • High mechanical stability (tensile strength, stiffness, tear resistance, tear propagation resistance and flexural rigidity) • Inherent dielectric strength: Short-duration loads of 18 to 40 kV/mm possible without further treatment with varnishes or resins.
  • Chemical resistance: NOMEX® is highly resistant to acids and alkalis, and is compatible with all Typees of varnish, adhesive, transformer fluid, lubricating oil and coolant.
  • Low-temperature properties: Due to its unique polymer structure, NOMEX® is used in a wide range of low-temperature applications.
  • Resistant to moisture: In a state of equilibrium with a relative humidity of 95 %, compressed NOMEX® paper and pressboard retains 90 % of its dielectric strength when dry, while many mechanical properties are, in fact, enhanced.
  • Resistant to radiation  

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