POSITRON glass and porcelaine power line insulator tester

Insulator tester for composite power line

allows control of a large number of high voltage insulators in composite for strain insulators of overhead power lines, utility poles and power distribution lines 

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Why is insulator testing so important?

Failures due to insulator failure are costly. In addition, live work requires insulators to be in good condition for the safety of high-voltage workers and workers. A critical failure can cause long-term damage as well as material and financial losses. Pollution, salt fog, dust, aging, shocks or micro defects can dramatically alter the quality of the insulator.

Whether porcelain, glass or composite (silicone), the quality of an insulator is a decisive agent for the robustness of an electrical installation.

In a high-voltage substation, many devices include insulators, such as cut-off devices, measuring equipment and electrical connections: power transformers, bushings, current transformers, circuit breakers, disconnectors, voltage transformers, transformer, etc.

Positron Insulator Testers are lightweight, breakthrough, easy-to-use tools that record faults and unsafe conditions on suspended insulators, substation breakers, bushings, and live surge arresters. They measure the electric field along the insulators, record the electric field and all the conduction defects of the insulator. They can be used on all types of insulators (porcelain, composite, glass for the assessment of contamination, etc.) and are safe, simple and precise.

The operational integrity of high voltage insulators is a priority, especially considering that a damaged or electrically deficient insulation can lead to grid failure, serious injury or death of personnel near the fault. Positron insulator testers are a major breakthrough in insulator maintenance. They allow safe and reliable evaluation of high voltage insulators. Simply slide the tester sled along the isolator or isolator chain so that the results are automatically processed and accessible.

How? Methodology of the electric field.

The Positron Insulator Tester allows the evaluation and diagnosis of porcelain and composite insulators.

The isolator tester measures the alternating electric field surrounding the porcelain and composite insulators. The field is proportional to the voltage across an insulator and drops to the location of the conductive fault. The electric field is read and stored for each disk or chain.

Why the electric field?

Unlike detections by infrasound or hot spot measurement, the measurement does not depend on the firing area. Moreover the measurement of the electric field makes it possible to measure tendencies of defects or floating defects that do not detect the traditional methods. And establish in time trends by insulators. Finally, POSITRON testers are the only devices that can detect faults on composite insulators.

How does it work (procedure to follow)?

1. The operator positions himself and presses the push button on the probe and recorder

2. The tester is placed on the chain to some insulating discs before the end of the chain of insulators.

3. The tester is brought back to the beginning of the chain and held still for at least 10 seconds until a long beep sounds.

4. The tester is dragged to the end of the chain line and then returns to the starting point. The buzzer sounds every time a reading is made on each disc of the isolator.

5. The tester is removed from the chain by ensuring that a continuous sound is heard indicating that the analysis was successful; by pressing the push button, the operator sends the data that will be immediately visible on the PC screen and stored in the database.

POSITRON PID: 3 models of high voltage insulator testers according to your needs

Choisissez votre modèle de PID POSITRON selon votre besoin

POSITRON PIDs are available in 3 models: high voltage lines with ceramic and glass insulators (N ° 1 from the left), high voltage composite (N ° 2) and universal (glass, porcelain and composite) line insulators ) for substation (N ° 3 and N ° 4)
Technologie microélectronique

Test results are acquired and stored by a built-in microprocessor, which allows readings to be downloaded to any PC notebook for long-term graphical display, analysis, and comparisons.

Compatible with standard field equipment

All units include a universal mounting bracket compatible with industry standard high-voltage poles (hot sticks).

Composite high voltage insulator testers

POSITRON testers units for power line insulators in composite allow you to test all types and sizes of insulators

Light and durable

POSITRON insulator testers are lightweight, durable and designed to withstand the specific conditions of service. They come in a sturdy carrying case for maximum portability and durability.

Data logger (Mini PC touch screen tablet)

The datalogger is used to identify each string of insulation to be tested, eliminating the need for handwritten field notes during testing. The recorder stores the identification of each insulator string tested

En cas de besoins d'aide de lecture des courbes PID positron,SANERGRID vous apporte l'expertise technique l'analyse des courbes de POSITRON est directement disponible par la tablette

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