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E/COVERBIRD MIDSUN special silicone cover for avifauna protection on insulator

The E/COVERBIRD is an insulating cover for bushings of electrical transformers. Vulcanized at high temperature, it has been specially designed to allow thermographic measurements on the conductors while protecting birds and rodents from possible electrocution and thus prevent any accident or power outage in your plant or substation. 

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E/COVERBIRD® Bird Protection Covers Features

This 65 durometer silicone product provides a layer of electrical insulation to protect birds and other animals in substation areas and distribution equipment up to 35 kV. All E/COVERBIRD covers are held closed with removable silicone clips for quick and easy assembly and disassembly.

Unlike the classic E/COVER, E/COVERBIRD is a cover with holes that allow thermographic measurements to be made without removing the cover.

E/COVERBIRD is available in 2 sizes and can also be made to measure. For more details, please refer to the technical data sheets in the attached DOCUMENTATION tab.

Installation instructions for the E/COVER bird protection covers

1. Place the cover on the device.

2. Close the cover by inserting the clips into the holes in the cover and pull until they snap into place.

3. Cover the insulator so that there is no possible contact between phase and ground.

The natural hydrophobicity of silicone and its excellent resistance to UV and chemicals, guarantee a product life of over 30 years.

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