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Containment booms GRINTEC

Booms against pollution

GRINTEC containment booms are designed to retain floating oils or hydrocarbons on the surface of the water. They can trap them and then contain the spill in a surface defined by the location of the boom.

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A complete range of booms

- the range of cylindrical booms, with or without anti-turbidity curtains. Also available in fast deployment system. For usage in open waters, bays and also in protected waters and ports.
- the range of flat booms, developed for rapid deployment and collection. Its ideal application is for protected waters without waves.
- the range of inflatable (type BH) and self-inflatable (type BAH) booms, available in several sizes. Use in open waters or in calm and protected waters.
- the range of permanent (type BR) booms, made of an extremely strong polyester fabric and covered in a UV treated PVC that is highly resistant to chemicals and mechanics and which has more resistance to the effects of prolonged exposure to the sun.
- the range of self-inflatable booms, designed for fast deployment without auxiliary devices to have ready to use. No training is needed for operate this fast and and strong oil boom.

Containment booms are deployed in emergency when oil spill or oil leaks, or in anticipation of a possible leak.

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