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Petro-PIPE® Rainwater Filtration Cartridge for Synthetic Ester Transformer Oil MIDEL7131

Filter cartridge for rainwater contaminated with synthetic esters type MIDEL 7131, this PETRO-PIPE® is suitable for average water flows of about 16 liters/min. Recognized for its robustness and reliability in the industry, it allows you to equip your transformer pits filled with synthetic esters. Preferably installed at a 25° angle, it should be changed every 5 years.

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Part of the SPI Petro-PIPE® filter technology, the range is the international standard reference for SPI products. This patented filter cartridge for synthetic ester contaminated rainwater is ideal for outdoor retention tanks (flexible, metal or concrete).

The MIDEL 7131 PI620M2 filter is a screw-in cartridge for use with an M2 valve. It is designed for medium flow rates (16 liters/min), for daily use. It is strongly recommended to change the cartridge every 5 years

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