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OIL BOND range: hydrocarbon absorbents

A range of products solidifying hydrocarbons

SPI's OIL BOND products are unique absorbent products that solidify hydrocarbons, such as dielectric oils, gasoline or gas oil. They come in the form of rolls, cushions or absorbent powder.

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A unique absorbent of its kind

OIL BOND ™ products absorb and solidify oils and fuels. They solidify and trap for a long time the pollutant, present in and on the water or the soil, without risk of being washed by the rainwater like the classic absorbing materials or polypropylene.
Unlike conventional absorbent products, the products of the OIL BOND range have many environmental advantages: no releasing of hydrocarbons by rainwater on the cushion, reduction of the absorbent surface and therefore hydrocarbon vapors, decrease the volume of absorbents to use, ease of recovery and disposal ...

More effective than a traditional absorbent, SPI OIL BOND products come in the standard form of floating tubes, but also in powder or cushions.

OIL BOND ™ products are used in this case to absorb, retain and trap any oil leakage from a transformer, either chronic or massive, using conventional dielectric mineral oil such as Shell DIALA or NYTRO Taurus from NYNAS. The OIL BOND ™ cushions are cut and opened, and show that the cushion used is completely full of oil. An OIL BOND can contain up to the equivalent of 5 times its weight in oil.
SPI's OIL BOND products are mainly used for identified leaking oil processors, recurrent or chronically controlled leakage points, hydrocarbon transshipment points, oil storage or refilling sites, diesel, fuel oil or industrial lubricants.
Preventive emergency absorbing kit for sites classified ICPE, nuclear power plants, seves ... Kits for hydrocarbon leakage from construction sites, shipyards, leakage of gas station in a marina, fishing and communities: municipal ponds, spaces green, campsites, markets ...

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