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E/COVER MIDSUN silicone cover for bird protection on isolators and connectors

The E/COVER is a high temperature vulcanized silicone cover designed to adapt to bushings and bushings. These insulating covers are designed to prevent breakdowns caused by birds on substation and distribution equipment.

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Characteristics of the E/COVER bird protection range 

The E/COVER provides a layer of electrical insulation to protect birds in substation areas and distribution equipment up to 35 kV. All covers are kept closed with removable silicone clips. This closing system allows great installation flexibility because they can be mounted and dismounted without breaking the protective cover, to be able to access the isolator.

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The E/COVER  cover is designed for easy application, assembly and disassembly without destroying and leaving no residue, without the need to disconnect electrical connections. The E / COVER are flexible and adjustable, allowing easy application and de-application.

Installation instructions for E / COVER bird protection covers

         1. Place the cover on the device

         2. Close the cover by inserting the fixing clips into the holes in the cover and pull until it is fully clipped.

         3. Cover the insulator so that there is no potential in contact between phases and earth.

The natural hydrophobicity of silicone and its superior UV and chemical resistance properties maintain the expected lifespan beyond 30 years

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