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MIDSUN® RTV Silprocoat : protection coating against corrosion

Silicone protection coating against corrosion

MIDSUN® Silprocoat is a one part silicone elastomer coating. Silicone elastomer coatings are well known for their excellent chemical and weathering resistance. Combined with good adhesion characteristics, they provide an ideal coating for lead paint encapsulation and corrosion protection

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A long-lasting corrosion protection

MIDSUN® Silprocoat is designed for protecting a wide range of substrates from the effects of moisture and weathering. It is an ideal coating to use in extreme harsh environments such as coastal, industrial, and desert areas.

MIDSUN® Silprocoat RTV Coating has proven superiority over:
- Epoxy systems that become embrittled, chalk and flake.
- Alkyds and modified silicone alkyds that peel, chalk and fade.
- Two part systems with indeterminate pot lives and complicated mixing.
- High cost encapsulating systems in asbestos and lead paint abatement.
- Zinc rich coatings that are difficult to field apply, mud, crack and need top coats.

MIDSUN® Silprocoat room temperature vulcanizing (RTV) silicone rubber coating on metal surfaces performs by virtue of its water repellency and excellent adhesion to unprimed and primed metal surfaces. Because the coating is highly hydrophobic, corrosive elements cannot penetrate through the silicone coating barrier into the metal surface.

This coating can eliminate or reduce:
- Environmental concerns of lead paint.
- Galvanic corrosion from salt spray and chemical environments.
- Oil and grease contamination, millscale, rust and graphitization.

The surface to be coated must be thoroughly cleaned. In most instances, the surface only requires a high pressure water wash. Tightly bonded rust does not need to be removed, but depending on the corrosion present, solvent cleaning (SSPC-SP1), hand tool cleaning (SSPC-SP2), power tool cleaning (SSPC-SP3) or commercial blasting (SSPC-SP6) may need to be done. Please contact us for the recommended surface preparation.

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