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BDRG2 Assembled retention tank for oil transformer for distribution transformers

SANERGRID® BDRG2 product range allows you to comply with all regulatory and technical requirements regarding hydrocarbons retention. BDRG2 tanks has 2 walls that can be disassembled to fasten installation process and roll the electrical transformer into the...

Pre-filter PFC-44 for PETRO-PIT®

This prefilter is an important accessory for a correct filtration of all PETRO-PIT® filters.

Complete PETRO PIT filtration kit to fit on tansformer retention tanks and bund

The range PETRO PIT® is composed by a set of rainwater filter cartridges designed to drain rainwater in hydrocarbons retention bund, metallic retention tanks or small concrete pit. The PETRO PIT® cartridge solidifies instantly when large hydrocarbon leak...

DEPOSIT® subterranean containment pit for transformer

DEPOSIT® prefabricated subterranean containment pits allows you to install your interceptor faster, cheaper and more reliably in substations and for power transformers. Robust, reliable, resistant to corrosion and hot oils. Twice safer than concrete pits...

PETRO BARRIER™ : filtration system for hydrocarbon polluted water for large volumes

The PETRO BARRIER™ is an in-ground system specifically designed to provide continuous drainage filtration with 100% retention of hydrocarbons released from transformers.

StormWater Petro-Barrier: high flow rate hydrocarbon separator filter cartridge

The STORM WATER PETRO BARRIER™ is an in-ground hydrocarbon separator specially designed to provide continuous filtration of drainage water while retaining 100% of the hydrocarbons released from large basins or retention volumes

Petro-PIPE® Rainwater Filtration Cartridge for Synthetic Ester Transformer Oil MIDEL7131

Filter cartridge for rainwater contaminated with synthetic esters type MIDEL 7131, this PETRO-PIPE® is suitable for average water flows of about 16 liters/min. Recognized for its robustness and reliability in the industry, it allows you to equip your...
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