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Special dry-type cats resin power transformers, traction or wind turbine TrafoELETTRO

Special dry-type cast resin transformers TrafoELETTRO for power applications and especially for wind turbines, traction applications, mining, petrochemical, furnace transformers, rectifier transformers...

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AREAS OF APPLICATION of TrafoELETTRO dry-type cast resin transformers by SYNERDIS :

- operation in networks exposed to harmonic loads
- switching and lightning surges
- extreme environmental conditions: hot climates, e.g. in deserts
- High environmental stresses (salt, air humidity, gases)
- climatic zones with extremely low temperatures (down to -50°C), e.g. in the Arctic, Siberia
- high overloads for short periods of time, e.g. up to 450% of the rated power
- medium long-term loads up to 140% of the rated power with fans
- energy networks with high availability requirements
- Stress due to switching overvoltages (vacuum circuit breakers)
- High requirements due to mechanical vibration stress (cranes, excavators, earthquake zones, ships)
- Installation altitudes > 1,000 m

Proven reliability for 50 years

TrafoELETTRO's special know-how is reflected in particularly high quality indicators, e.g. an above-average MTBF (mean time between failure) and a reference list of dry asphalt mixers in demanding industries for more than 50 years on 5 continents, on land, at sea, in the subsoil or at high altitude.

Our own testing equipment

TrafoELETTRO dry-type transformers are designed and manufactured in series according to the IEC 60076-11 standard. Throughout the design and manufacture of our transformers and the value chain at YTrafoELETTRO, the tests defined in the standard for routine and type tests are carried out either on our own modern test bench or at internally recognized third party organizations such as CESI or KEMA according to international standards:

All type tests :
- Special tests
- Noise measurement
- Certification of climate class - C2/C3/C4
- Environmental class certification - E2/E3/E4

Special external tests :
- Fire behavior test (destructive test)
- Dynamic short-circuit test according to IEC and GOST

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