PRESS RELEASE: at CIGRE Canada 2019 POSITRON and SANERGRID signed Distribution Partnership

September 18, 2019: On the occasion of the CIGRE 2019 conference in Montreal, POSITRON and SANERGRID are pleased to announce the signing of a representation partnership by Reginald Weiser CEO of POSITRON and Samuel Bourseul CEO of SANERGRID.

This partnership enables SANERGRID to educate and bring the latest technology to its European power utility customers to enable them to significantly reduce power outages due to insulator failures on power lines and  insulator (bushing) failures on equipment in substations.

POSITRON’s world leading electric field fault detection technology detects even small conductive defects on energized insulators long before they fail.

SANERGRID with its strong local support teams will assist its customers in Europe and explain and demonstrate how POSITRON’S testers reliably determine the condition of insulators in seconds and records and transmits this data to enable timely preventative replacement.  The testers are also used as safety tools to determine in seconds if it is safe for personnel to work in the vicinity of the insulator(s).

The partnership ensures a close working relationship and strong support by POSITRON to SANERGRID and its customers.

About POSITRON:  POSITRON POWER, a Positron division based in Montreal, Canada since 1970, develops and manufactures High Voltage Live Line Insulator Testers and high voltage protection, isolation and protection equipment. Its awards include IEEE Best Product Award and Export Canada Award. Positron equipment is used by 150 power utilities in 35 countries. www.positronpower.com

About SANERGRID:  SANERGRID is a Franco-European engineering company that specializes in high voltage environments  and manufactures retention tanks and fire suppression systems for electrical transformers. SANERGRID has a direct presence in six European countries, a network of agents throughout Europe and represents several other world leaders of high voltage equipment, including three North American brands.  www.sanergrid.com