Late 2019 SANERGRID formalized in Brussels a new partnership with the company SADINTER.

Late 2019 SANERGRID formalized in Brussels a new partnership with the company SADINTER.

SADINTER is a company specialized in the distribution of high and low voltage equipment since 1949, and present in Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg. The objective of this partnership between SANERGRID and SADINTER aims to ensure better representation of SANERGRID’s products and solutions on the BENELUX, in particular the  retention tanks SANERGRID SONEC, SPI oil water separation filters, high voltage insulator testers POSITRON and MIDSUN animal mitigation protection solutions.

After Spain, the United Kingdom, Ireland and Germany, SADINTER thus becomes the fifth European distributor of SANERGRID, in order to provide our customers in these territories with the best possible support in carrying out their projects.

ERT Sadinter extinguishing retention tank for electrical transformer Infrabel engie tractebel elia

PETRO PIT drainage filter for rainwater contaminated with hydrocarbons for SANERGRID retention tanks