New SANERGRID® achievement: delivery of 2 GRAVITYline SGB 630 kVA dry-type transformers

SANERGRID® has just delivered two GRAVITYline SGB transformers to the city of Lyon.

This range has been specially designed for the French market; it is a range of dry-type transformers that do not contain any flammable dielectric oil and do not require a retention tank or a fireproof tank.

This transformer technology is widely used in industry, hospitals, tunnels, supermarkets and more generally in all establishments receiving the public.

Our team supervised the delivery and installation of this equipment on SanerVib80 anti-vibration pads, low frequency silentblocs specially developed to provide a high anti-vibration performance at the excitation frequencies of the transformers (to be chosen according to the weight to be damped and the required attenuation).


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