SANERGRID's Services

Since the beginning of the year 2020, SANERGRID has equipped its subsidiary SONEC with a new activity "Services and Installation". Our sales department will be able to offer you a turnkey solution anywhere in France.

On-site diagnosis

Our experts in transformers and environmental risks come to your site to advise you in the analysis of your technical problems regarding the installation of a new transformer, permutations, compliance with standards on retention, fire protection of substations, water law, etc. Depending on your needs, these services can be followed either by an engineering report describing recommendations, or by a quotation for the implementation of the appropriate equipment.

les experts sanergrid en bac de rétention et transformateur se déplacent sur vos site
Taking of dimensions on site

For your projects subject to special conditions (particular work environment, restricted space, custom manufacturing), our experts come on site to take measurements and transmit them to our production engineering.

Le bureau d'étude SANERGRID dimensionne et calcule les bacs de rétentions et les bureaux d'études des fabricants de transformateurs
Plans, studies and calculation notes

We draw and design all our solutions on state-of-the-art 3D CAD and digital applications. We are thus able to provide you with plans in all formats, as well as calculation notes according to your particular requirements.

coordination de déchargement de transformateur de puissance ETRA chez EDF par SANERGRID
Transport and unloading

We deliver our materials, transformers, tanks, filters, paints etc.. everywhere in France and according to the request we manage the unloading or the craneage of our equipments thanks to our French partners specialized and authorized to work in the electric stations.

Déchargement d'un bac de rétention coupe feu pour transformateur SANERGRID avec système de filtration SPI
On-site technical assistance and supervision

SONEC is the first company in Europe to have the KESA label for the supervision of the installation of ETRA transformers under manufacturer's warranty. Our experts provide a factory contact in French on the installation sites in compliance with French regulations. For other SANERGRID design equipment (retention, fire and bird protection, diagnosis and cleaning of high-voltage insulators, drainage water decontamination, etc.), our experts travel to the site to coordinate the site teams.

Couvertures coupe feu EXTICOV pour fosse de transformateur électrique
Assembly and installation of ETRA transformers and retention tanks  

SANERGRID offers turnkey solutions including transport, unloading, assembly and start-up of ETRA transformers, thanks to its network of regional partners authorized to work in electrical distribution stations.  From the retention tank to the CNPP-approved fireproof cover, we intervene throughout France.

Installation de matériels clef en mains par SANERGRID ou ses partenaire habilités H0B0 a H2B2 et risques chimiques