Anti-vibration systems

When electrical transformers are in operation, they emit a characteristic noise from the vibrations of the magnetic laminations they contain. Depending on when the transformer is used, its design and age, it emits more or less vibration and noise. What’s more, depending on where they are installed, these vibrations can resonate with the building.

SANERGRID® has developed and designed the SanerVib® range. These are low-frequency silentblocks specially developed to provide high anti-vibration performance at the excitation frequencies of transformers and their harmonics. SANERVIB anti-vibration mounts are made up of high-performance metal cushions and springs to maintain their anti-vibration properties for between 20 and 40 years (the average life of a transformer), giving them an almost constant damping coefficient over time, regardless of variations in room temperature. Unlike ‘conventional’ polymer solutions, which degrade over time and can emit toxic fumes in the event of a fire.

All SanerVib® silentblocks have been tested in specialised SilentFlex® laboratories, according to your needs for damping and noise reduction of your electrical transformers.

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