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SANERGRID® is a company specialised in engineering and sales of products dedicated to electrical energy market.

Essentially focused on industrial risks and environment protection, all the solutions developed by SANERGRID® serve Innovation of many international electrotechnical brands.

Distributor of very well known brands of electrical equipment, SANERGRID® leans on the laboratories of its partners to develop new concepts in line with the customer needs. 

Contact us, we'll satisfy your needs in terms of quality and engagements with your teams.

Our values

SANERGRID® has decided to carry in Europe, in Latin America and in Gulf states, its values to serve its clients:

  • Innovation dedicated to Environment,
  • Cost optimization,
  • Environmental impact reduction.

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Our vision

SANERGRID bridges and connects the European client's needs to create and develop standard solutions from industries to particulars 

The specificity of the European market is based on the complexity of its norms and how the players approach risks: An individual approach of one problematic according to their country standards.

The same environmental or technical problem is solved differently by each company in each place, sometimes a great cost.

SANERGRID know-how is based on the understanding of this local needs, over passing them from a territory to create a global standardised solution that can be used in other countries or sector of activities.

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