Casted resin dry-type power transformers

Electrical transformers are key components in every phase of the electricity cycle. Instead of the dielectric oil in which the windings of “conventional” transformers are immersed, a special self-extinguishing resin is used to coat the windings: this is known as a coated dry transformer. TrafoELETTRO dry-type transformers reduce the risk of fire spreading and do not require a dielectric retention tank.

SYNERDIS has been representing TrafroELETTRO dry-type transformers since 2016. TrafroELETTRO, based in Vicenza (Venice), Italy, has been Europe’s leading manufacturer for over 50 years. Every year, we deliver several hundred units to leading French industries: petrochemicals, metallurgy, rail traction, defence, HV substation distribution, hospitals, courts, shopping centres and any establishment open to the public subject to the most stringent requirements in terms of fire protection of goods and people, for power ratings from 160 kVA to 30 MVA and up to 52 KV.

We have standard 15kV, 24kV, 36 kV and dual-voltage 15/20 kV ranges and a large list of custom references, and our SONEC® teams can help you manage turnkey dry-type transformer projects.

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