T154 Temperature control relay for encapsulated dry-type transformers


Temperature relay with digital display

The T154 temperature relay with digital display is a microprocessor-based electronic device for temperature monitoring and control of encapsulated dry-type transformers.  It can be connected to 3 PT100 probes to protect your dry-type transformer.




The T154 temperature relay provides high-level protection against electromagnetic interference and ease of use, making it the benchmark for this application. It offers 3-phase transformer temperature control and a fourth option for centre or ambient temperature.

  • The rear terminals are removable.
  • It has 3 or 4 RTD PT100 inputs, and the input channels are protected against electromagnetic noise and overvoltage.
  • Two output relays (Alarm-Trip): one output relay for fan control (FAN) and 1 relay for sensor failure or malfunction (TROUBLE)
  • ABS self-extinguishing box NORYL 94VO
  • IP65 polycarbonate panel
  • Data storage: Minimum 10 years

Universal power supply with 24 to 240 Vac-dc input.

Accessories and options

Options can be specified:

  • RTD sensors in either platinum or nickel
  • Channel alarm settings
  • Tropicalisation of electronic boards
  • Coupling with fans and alarms.
  • Optional plastic front protection for the device

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The T154 thermal protection relay ensures the safety of dry or resin-coated transformers:

  • Standard distribution transformer
  • Dual voltage transformer
  • Traction transformer
  • Special dry-type transformers

We offer several PT100 probe references for connecting your transformer to the T154.

Use and maintenance

Refer to the user manual.

The owner of the equipment is responsible for and liable for any failure to comply with good usage practices and for any failure to deal with anomalies and defects in the field.

Additional information

  • Assembled in compliance with CE standards
  • C-UL-US approval
  • Protection against electrical and magnetic noise: IEC-EN61000-4-4
  • Dielectric strength of 2500 V.C.A. for 1 minute from relays to sensors, from relays to power supply, from power supply to sensors
  • Accuracy: +/- 1% total value, +/- 1 digit
  • Vibration test IEC 68-2-6: Amplitude +/- mm from 2 Hz to 13.2 Hz – Acceleration +/- 0.7 G from 13.2 Hz to 100 Hz
  • Seismic test according to IEEE 344-1,987

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