SONEC® , founded in 2007, was until 2018 one of the leading manufacturers of bunds and fire-stop systems for electrical transformers, with numerous extinguishing tests carried out at CNPP and 100% French production in compliance with the latest NF-C13-100, NFC13-200 and NF-C17-300 standards.

Integrated into the SANERGRID Group® at the end of 2018, SONEC® is now the Group’s Services and Installation subsidiary, becoming at the same time the first company in Europe certified by Kolektor ETRA with the KESA (Kolektor ETRA Service Ability) label authorising it to provide overall supervision of installation sites on behalf of the manufacturer.

SONEC® provides the full range of the Group’s services throughout France, from on-site quotations to the preparation of complex tenders, including project management and subcontractors, as well as site supervision and management of complex projects in France.

Empty a pit of PCB-polluted pebbles and fit EXTICOV fire-retardant grilles? Disconnect the old transformer, put it into long-term storage and install the new transformer? Install bird protection on an HV grid? SONEC’s experts and our national network of installers qualified to work on high-voltage substations will support you throughout your project, while complying with safety and environmental standards.