Transformers and electrical equipment

SYNERDIS markets a full range of products and solutions to support your high-voltage and medium-voltage electrical projects and ensure their smooth operation throughout their lifecycle:

  • High-voltage and medium-voltage oil-filled power transformers
  • Standard 20kV and special dry-type coated electrical transformers
  • Protection solution for high-voltage electrical insulators
  • Animal protection covers for your HV grids
  • Galvanic anti-corrosion coatings for high-voltage metal structures
  • Distribution of transformer equipment and accessories for professionals

We represent prestigious brands recognised for their technical and commercial reliability, and leaders in their sectors. Our factories are mainly located in France, Europe and the United States to ensure short cycle times, reduce carbon emissions linked to transport, and ensure high-quality project and factory after-sales support by our teams, or in the field via our subsidiary SONEC.