Oil-filled power transformer

Electrical transformers are the key components of the electricity network, present at every stage of the electricity cycle, from the production plant to the transformer in your mobile phone. They transform voltage levels (in volts) and current levels (in amperes) into different levels of electrical power (in volt-amperes).

Since 2015 SYNERDIS® has been the exclusive French representative of Slovenia-based European leader KOLEKTOR ETRA, based in Ljubjana for over 80 years. Approved by most of the major French contractors, we offer a wide range of high-quality oil-filled power transformers for power ratings from 20 to 400 MVA and voltages from 5 to 400 kV, enabling us to adapt to all your high-voltage projects , for electricity generation, transmission or distribution.

For nuclear power, onshore or offshore wind turbines, photovoltaic and renewable energy farms, EDF-type hydroelectric dams, ENEDIS or RTE-type distribution substations, or SNCF-type TER or TGV rail traction transformers.

Thanks to our French-speaking factory teams, you benefit from cutting-edge technical and commercial support from our sales staff based in France. For your turnkey delivery and/or commissioning/SAV projects, our SONEC® teams at can help you get the job done.

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