Prefabricated subterranean pits

In accordance with IEC 61936-1 and NF C13-200 standards, immersed transformers up to 40 MVA require watertight retention representing 100% of the volume of oil contained.

Above 40 MVA, the transformer must be fitted with a pit or drip tray with a minimum capacity of 20% of the transformer’s dielectric content. This recovery tank must be connected to a separate recovery tank (remote pit), with a capacity at least equal to that of the highest-capacity transformer, when it is shared by several transformers.

The DEPOSIT® range has been specially designed to meet the 5 requirements of a remote tank, guaranteeing:

  • Total dielectric oil retention,
  • Watertightness and oiltightness,
  • Decantation and water/oil separation,
  • Evacuation of rainwater and fire-fighting water in case of emergency,
  • Hot oil resistance for transformers.

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