Fire suffocating covers for pits

The EXTICOV® range of fire extinguishing covers is used under electrical transformers in the concrete containment pit. It replaces the traditional stones, pebbles or rocks traditionally used as passive fire protection in electrical substations. Often dirty or polluted by transformer oils, sometimes with PCBs, they are hard to maintain, costly to clean, slippery and a potential risk factor for falls.

Our EXTICOV fire suffocating covers are specially designed to accelerate the passage of burning hydrocarbons into the transformer’s concrete pit. Once the hot oils are “trapped” beneath the cover, the fire self-extinguishes almost instantly, as the oxygen oxidant is not renewed. The EXTICOV range replaces pebbles and stones under the transformer, providing you with a clean, easy-to-maintain, and anti-slip maintenance surface that reduces the risk of falling for operators.

Our transformer fire extinguishing covers are regularly tested in independent European laboratories, and comply with standards NF C13-200 and EN 61936.

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