SPI anti hydrocarbons filters

How can large volumes of water potentially contaminated by traces of dielectric oil be drained by gravity, without electricity and in complete safety? This was the innovative technological challenge taken up by SPI in the 1990s, when it developed its unique technology of filter cartridges capable of solidifying hydrocarbons. Thanks to their oleophilic and hydrophobic components, SPI filters perform 3 essential functions: draining rainwater, filtering traces of hydrocarbons present in emulsion or diluted in water, and in the event of an emergency or saturation, solidifying the internal components to prevent pollution from leaving your retention tank.

As a world leader in this field, over the last 3 decades SPI has developed a catalogue of standard products offering tailor-made solutions for the continuous emptying of rainwater from retention tanks and pits, long-term storage areas, underground tanks, remote pits, etc…

SPI’s range of filters is the most comprehensive on the market: simple cartridges for small and medium-sized retention pits (PETRO PIT or PETRO PIPE), large volumes pumped underground (PETRO BARRIER) or out of remote pits (STORM BARRIER), for all types of hydrocarbons, dielectric oils, mineral oils, natural or synthetic esters.

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