Solidification Products International, Inc. or S.P.I. is the world leader and inventor of hydrocarbon water filters for electrical transformers since 1991. S.P.I has manufacturing expertise and the most technologically advanced range of applications in the containment of transformer oil, hydrocarbon and ester spills.

All SPI rainwater filtration solutions are designed to remove the oils and hydrocarbons present in the water, leaving clean water with an undetectable level of hydrocarbons. All this while ensuring that in the event of a massive leak or critical event such as a transformer explosion, the filters keep the pollution and hydrocarbons in the retention tank.

Often copied, never equalled, the patented PETRO-BARRIER® , PETRO-PLUG® , PETRO-PIPE® PETRO-PIT® and STORM BARRIER® ranges meet the need for continuous drainage and evacuation of rainwater from secondary containment areas on electrical machinery without mechanical systems, in complete safety and in all climates.

Our SPI filters® are regularly tested by independent laboratories around the world, and comply with US EPA SPCC standards, European and French standards for water treatment in light hydrocarbon separators, as well as the French Water Act (hydrocarbon filter sorite rate less than 5 ppm, ICPE compliant), etc.

The strength of SPI® lies in its technology, the constant innovation of its solutions, the thousands of installations it has carried out over more than three decades in North America, Europe and Latin America, and its approval by the world’s leading petrochemical companies, power utilities and local authorities.

The SANERGRID Group® is the exclusive European distributor of S.P.I. solutions.

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