SANERGRID® is the SANERGRID Group company dedicated to engineering and environmental protection activities for electrical transformers. SANERGRID® is one of the world leaders in transformer risk management for electrical substations. Our company specialises in the design, manufacture and marketing of risk protection solutions for industrial environments, in particular retention tanks, fire protection systems for electrical transformers and the treatment of water polluted with hydrocarbons.

We regularly innovate with our partners and Group companies to offer you the most appropriate standard or customised technical solutions, depending on the environmental, technical and/or human risk involved in your project.

The solutions developed by SANERGRID® are mainly dedicated to controlling industrial risks and protecting the environment, and meet the requirements of major international electronics brands. They trust us: EDF, ENEDIS, SNCF, SCHNEIDER, RTE, ABB HITACHI, SIEMENS, IBERDROLA, NATURGY, REE, EDP, ENEL, IREN, TERNA, E-ON, RWE, VATTENFALL, ELIA, ESB, SCOTTISH POWER, NATIONAL GRID, NETWORK RAIL, UK PN, BRITISH PETROLEUM, TOTAL ENERGIE, BASF, BAYER, ELES, CERN, ITER, VOLVO, DEUTSCHE BAHN, ADIF, SNCB, REPSOL, etc…

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