Flexible storage berms

How can you create a short-term or medium-term retention volume and comply with environmental standards on hydrocarbon discharge for your transformers and heavy machinery filled with dielectric oils, at lower cost, quickly and safely? These are the challenges met by our TRFLEX® range of flexible temporary storage bunds.

TRFLEX® temporary containment tanks are made from a unique tarpaulin with a double internal mesh reinforced with high-tenacity polyester, covered with a hydrocarbon-resistant double vinyl coating that doubles the protection against leakage. The joints are ultrasonically welded using a unique double-sided welding process, for maximum strength and a guaranteed watertight bond. Finally, our TRFLEX® ranges are specially treated against UV rays to ensure long-lasting durability. We offer a range of different weights, metal structures, geotextiles and accessories, depending on the stresses that your flexible retention system will have to withstand.

If your transformer delivery is overdue and exceeds the gas storage time (dry air, azote or nitrogen) and needs to be re-oiled, or if you want to keep your old oil-filled transformer safely, the TRFLEX® range is for you.

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