Emergency anti-pollution absorbent kit


Complete absorption kit for quick and easy intervention

GRINTEC® anti-pollution absorbent kits are designed to effectively contain and absorb chemicals in the event of small spills on industrial sites. Depending on your needs, we have universal sorbents that absorb water and hydrocarbons, and hydrocarbon sorbents that retain oils while rejecting water.




Based on GRINTEC® technology, our anti-pollution absorbent kits are built around 3 key concepts:

  • Agility: a key success factor in the fight against pollution.
  • Innovation: using the most advanced technologies to tackle any pollution problem.
  • Experience: our feedback enables us to give you the best advice.


During maintenance operations on industrial machinery, small leaks of polluting liquids can occur, risking contamination of the surrounding soil and water. To anticipate the spill and contain it quickly, we recommend our range of flexible retention tanks TRFLEX®. Once the spill has been contained, you can clean it up with our anti-pollution kits from Europe’s leading industrial absorption specialist.


We offer two ranges of products depending on the type of pollutant involved:

  • Universal absorbents (yellow) absorb water and hydrocarbons. They are suitable for absorbing all substances, particularly chemicals (acids, bases, etc.). They are mainly used in laboratories, production plants and maintenance workshops.
  • Absorbents for hydrocarbons (white) have the particularity of retaining oils but rejecting water, being both oleophilic (oil-loving) and hydrophobic (water-rejecting). They are therefore particularly suitable for the selective collection of oily residues, especially from water surfaces.


Delivered in the form of bags, garbage cans, chests, or boxes, all our GRINTEC® anti-pollution absorbent kits are designed as turnkey solutions, so that an operator can very quickly equip himself with absorbents in the form of pads, cushions and sheets, protective gloves and absorbent recycling bags.

Accessories and options

We have several references for anti-pollution absorbent kits, depending on the volume to be absorbed. Please contact us.


To contain pollutant spills, complete your emergency absorbent kit with our range of TRFLEX SUPER ECO flexible retention tanks.

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