Animal mitigation

With the increase in the number of power lines, the development of renewable energies in rural areas, automation and the reduction in the number of people working in substations, we are seeing a frequent rise in electrical faults caused by external agents. While it is necessary to protect flora and fauna from the dangerous effects of electricity in the event of an arc, the cost of operating losses linked to an outage for process industries can quickly reach several hundred thousand euros. The Midsun® electrical insulation solutions in the AVIFAUNE range have been specially designed to protect your busbars, bushing, transformer bushings, electrical cables, tensioned cables, HV connections, etc. over time.

The AVIFAUNE range from Midsun® is one of the most robust and complete on the market, capable of adapting with the utmost flexibility to all types of bare live parts. Since the 1980s, Midsun® has been the world leader in 4e generation silicone solutions for electrical energy, with proven technology that is easy to use, removable, ultra-strong, plastic-free, ultra-resistant to UV rays and temperature variations, and requires no glue or heating for application. SYNERDIS® is the exclusive distributor in France and certain other European countries for all MIDSUN and MIDSUN IKM solutions.

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