E/BARRIER Thermoplastic disc for bird protection


Midsun® thermoplastic disc for insulator protection

The E/BARRIER range from Midsun® is made up of a number of one-piece disc-shaped polycarbonate barriers. They prevent squirrels, birds and other wildlife from coming into contact with high-voltage installations.




The E/BARRIER is a barrier made of a single polycarbonate disc that prevents squirrels, birds and other wildlife from coming into contact with live parts.

All E/BARRIERs are designed to avoid problems of wind-induced vibration and minimise wind pressure.

The design of the E/BARRIER allows the barrier to slide smoothly between adjacent notches on an isolator and hold the barrier securely in place on circuit breakers, switch isolators, safety systems, bus terminations and isolators.


Description of the Midsun® E/BARRIER AVIFAUNE range :

  • Resistant to caterpillars
  • Fire retardant properties
  • Highly resistant to UV
  • Live installation possible
  • Adjustable and reusable

The E/BARRIER AVIFAUNE range is available in several sizes to suit your needs.

Contact us with details of your site and project requirements.

Accessories and options

The Avifaune range is available in several references:

  • Insulation sleeves for cables and stretched cables: E/FOURREAU range
  • Self-fusing insulation tapes: E/TAPE range
  • Silicone insulating paint: E/PEINTISO range
  • Standard and made-to-measure pre-formed protective covers: E/COVER range
  • Cut-to-size insulation panels: E/PLAQUE range

Other Midsun® solutions:

  • Self-cleaning hydrophobic silicone paint: HVIC range
  • Anti-corrosion paint: SILPROCOAT range

Technical data

Additional information

Conditions of use




Use and maintenance

Before installation:

Make sure the Avifaune product and the device are clean. Remove dust, dirt and moisture from your hands.



  • The E/BARRIER can be easily and safely installed with a gun-pole without interrupting service.
  • The E/BARRIER’s central rings are easily attached with a set of line clips to allow it to fit almost any insulator diameter. This also allows for easy application and removal, as well as re-use without fear of the barrier breaking.

Refer to the user manual for further details.

The owner of the equipment is responsible for and liable for any failure to comply with good usage practices and for any failure to deal with anomalies and defects in the field.


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