MIDSUN is the world leader in 4e generation silicon for high voltage substations, an American manufacturer based in Connecticut with its European headquarters in Vienna, Austria. SYNERDIS is the French, UK, Irish and BENELUX representative for MIDSUN and MIDSUN IKM solutions for these 3 families of solutions:

  1. MIDSUN avifauna protection covers® E/COVER, E/TAPE, E/PLAQUE, E/PEINTISO and E/FOURREAU range… to respect biodiversity in electrical substations and reduce the risk of short-circuits caused by animals, birds or plants intruding into electrical substations and high-voltage towers. Revolutionary, without glue, without heating, without plastic, ultra resistant to UV and bad weather, the AVIFAUNE range from MIDSUN is already used by the largest French and European industrialists such as ENEDIS, EDF, RTE and the SNCF.
  1. Siliconisation of high voltage insulators using MIDSUN HVIC products, which make electrical insulators hydrophobic and protect your installations in the event of dirt on the insulators or salt spray causing ignitions and partial discharges. Applied on site or in the workshop before installation by the installer, MIDSUN HVIC products have already been used for many years by electrical insulator professionals such as RTE, EDF, CERALEP, PPC and SEDIVER.
  1. SILPROCOAT is a one-component silicone elastomer coating with excellent adhesion properties. It is an ideal solution for encapsulating lead paint and protecting electrical system equipment from corrosion.

SYNERDIS can help you choose technical solutions and customise their dimensions. Assistance with implementation or installation can be provided via our SONEC technical assistance and turnkey project management service.

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