E/TAPE Self-fusing silicone tape for bird protection


Midsun® insulating tapes, self-fusing, in silicone for HV and medium voltage bird protection

The E/TAPE range from Midsun® includes a number of highly arc-resistant adhesive tapes. Composed of self-melting inorganic silicone rubber wound on a film that is easy to separate and tear, it provides excellent electrical insulation protection from phase to earth, with no leakage, for any connector, bus or cable up to 75kV.




The E/TAPE roll is a silicone tape for bird protection on high-voltage cables, resistant to electric arcs and providing phase-to-earth insulation. It requires no glue or heating to apply, and can be adapted to any type of connector, busbar or cable up to 75 kV.


Description of the Midsun® E/TAPE AVIFAUNE range:

  • Self-fusing inorganic silicone rubber compound
  • Standard colour grey, other colours available on request
  • Insulation level: 15 to 75 kV phase to earth
  • UV, arc, ozone and dielectric resistance
  • High thermal endurance over a long period
  • Primary insulation for class H temperatures (180°C)
  • Tensile strength: 450%.
  • Dielectric strength: 34 448 kV/m


The self-adhesive properties of the tape make it extremely easy to apply to flexible cables, extension joints and irregularly shaped connectors (see Use and Maintenance tab). The customised formulation helps protect against heat (FR level), mould, rust and the elements, while maintaining essential electrical properties to prevent animal-induced faults over the long term.


E/TAPE is available in a range of widths to facilitate application to all sizes:

  • Length: 10.9 m
  • Width: 25 mm / 63 mm / 101 mm


We offer 2 references with different thicknesses to suit all your insulation needs:

  • 8 mm: from 15 kV (1 layer) to 35 kV (3 layers)
  • 20 mm: from 35 kV (1 layer) to 75 kV (3 layers)


Contact us with details of your site and project requirements.

Accessories and options

The Avifaune range is available in several references:

  • Insulation sleeves for cables and stretched cables: E/FOURREAU range
  • Cut-to-size insulation panels: E/PLAQUE range
  • Silicone insulating paint: E/PEINTISO range
  • Standard and made-to-measure pre-formed protective covers: E/COVER range
  • Disc-shaped barriers: E/BARRIER range

Other Midsun solutions® :

  • Self-cleaning hydrophobic silicone paint: HVIC range
  • Anti-corrosion paint: SILPROCOAT range

Technical data

Additional information

Conditions of use




Use and maintenance

Before installation:

Make sure the tape and the machine are clean. Remove dust, dirt and moisture from your hands, otherwise the tape may not stick properly.



  • At the beginning of the application, roll the tape 100% onto itself. When applying the E/TAPE, stretch it by 10% and overlap the previous layer by 2/3.
  • In the case of a multi-layer application for greater insulation, the successive windings must be in opposite directions.
  • Prevent the formation of air pockets by pressing firmly on the tape.
  • If there are specific areas that are likely to retain water, leave a space for it to escape.
  • At the end of the application, roll the strip back 100% on itself.



The roll of E/TAPE can be easily removed, unlike the intensive work involved in removing heat-shrink tubing.

Its self-fusing and adhesive properties prevent clogging or the deposition of residues when the tape is removed for periodic examinations, as with vinyl tapes.

Refer to the user manual for further details.

The owner of the equipment is responsible for and liable for any failure to comply with good usage practices and for any failure to deal with anomalies and defects in the field.

Additional information

Tests carried out in accordance with current international standards:

  • ASTM D1000-10: Thickness (214 g/mm)
  • ASTM D1000-10: Tensile strength (450%)
  • ASTM D1000-10: Dielectric strength (34448 kV/m)
  • ASTM D495-71: Arc resistance (over 1 min)


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