SANERVIB-99-SG Anti-vibration mounts up to 99% for impellerless transformers


Up to 99% vibration damping for impellerless electric transformers

SanerVib-99-SG is a range of anti-vibration mounts for impellerless electrical transformers, reducing up to 99% of vibrations. These silentblocks have been developed to provide high anti-vibration performance at the excitation frequencies of transformers, depending on their weight.




When electric transformers are in operation, they emit a characteristic noise resulting from the vibrations of the magnetic laminations they contain. This vibration comes from the 50 Hz alternating current that flows through them, which has a fundamental vibration frequency and several corresponding harmonics of vibration at 100 to 200 Hz. Depending on the load used, the design and the age of the transformer, these vibrations can increase over time. In addition, depending on the installation site, these vibrations may enter into resonance with the frame.

To dampen the noise generated by oil-filled or dry-coated electrical transformers when they are in operation, we have designed the SanerVib® range. This is a range of low-frequency silentblocks specially developed to provide high anti-vibration performance at transformer excitation frequencies. The SanerVib 99 SG series is designed to provide up to 99% vibration reduction.


Description of the SanerVib® 99 SG range:

  • Classic 4-support configuration
  • Shock-absorbing spring with a stainless steel shock-absorbing cushion at its heart
  • Metal design with a modulus of plasticity that varies very little over time, unlike other plastic or elastomer solutions on the market, which have to be changed regularly.
  • Reinforced surface treatment to ensure that ageing is close to the life of the transformer
  • All SanerVib99-SG units are made of painted steel, category C2, with a superior anti-corrosion treatment (galvanisation or stainless steel on request).
  • Midnight blue as standard, other colours available on request


The SanerVib® 99 SG references cover most ranges of electrical distribution transformers up to 3500 kg.

Please contact us for details of the dimensions of SanerVib-99SG products. We offer 7 references to meet the needs of your electrical installations.

Accessories and options

The SanerVib® range is made up of several references depending on the support load, wheel dimensions, type of base plate, attenuation required, etc. Please contact us with the characteristics of your site and your requirements for the anti-vibration system.

Depending on the configuration of your project, the SanerVib® range is available in several versions:

  • For your transformers with wheels: SanerVib 80 range (80% reduction) SanerVib 99 range (99% reduction)
  • Instead of wheels, an anti-vibration block can be installed on your transformers with 80% vibration attenuation: SanerVib 80-SG range
  • For easy installation on your rolling electrical transformers with an integrated slope, absorbing 80% of vibrations: SanerVib 80-SL range
  • A roller-integrated system for your rolling electrical transformers that absorbs 80% of vibrations: VibeR80 range
  • For special applications, please contact us: SanerVib-SP range

Technical data

Additional information

Conditions of use

indoor, outside


Stainless steel

Transformer adapter

without wheels

Vibration attenuation


Use and maintenance


The studs are placed on the wheels of coated dry-type transformers or oil-type transformers; they are fixed using an M12 screw with washers (not supplied).



The treatment of SanerVib® has been reinforced, so unlike other solutions, they do not need to be replaced.

Refer to the user manual for further details.

The owner of the equipment is responsible for and liable for any failure to comply with good operating practice and for any failure to deal with anomalies and defects in the field.

Additional information

Storage facilities for high-voltage substations in contact with polluting products must comply with the standards and laws in force.

The SanerVib® range has been designed to isolate these vibrations generated by the magneto-constriction of transformers, and in particular its fundamental excitation frequency of 50 Hz and its harmonics of 100 to 200 Hz. All SanerVib® silentblocks have been tested in specialist SilentFlex® laboratories.

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