Gestion de la pollution hydrocarbures

Submerged transformers up to 40MVA require according to IEC 61936-1 (§ 8.6.2.) and NF C13-200, a watertight retention representing 100% of the volume of oil contained and under certain conditions of a natural extinguishing device type ERT®, EXTICOV™ or LHD®.

Beyond 40 MVA, the transformer must be equipped with a pit or recovery tank with a minimum capacity of 20% of the quantity of dielectric contained in the transformer (1), usually equipped with an extinguishing cover of the EXTICOV™ or LHD® type(2) in order to guarantee a rapid and natural extinction of the liquid dielectric if the oils were to remain trapped there.

This recovery tank must be connected to a separate recovery tank (remote pit), with a capacity at least equal to that of the highest capacity transformer, when it is common to several transformers (3).

Moreover, when the equipment is placed outside, rainwater or fire-fighting deluge systems fill this secondary retention tank. To evacuate this water and thus avoid any risk of overflow, the tank must be equipped with a system capable of filtering and continuously evacuating the drainage water while retaining the hydrocarbons inside the secondary containment. The water discharged must not be contaminated with more than 5 ppm of hydrocarbons according to the EN 858-1 standard ("light liquid separation installations").

The pits of the DEPOSIT® range meet this need for rapid construction and passive treatment of drainage water.

SANERGRID completes its hydrocarbon risk management activity with the GRINTEC range: leakage of transformer dielectric oil into a lake or river, accidental leakage during filling or emptying on a site classified as an ICPE or near a river... but also degassing on the high seas, incidents during hydrocarbon filling in a port and oil spills.

The GRINTEC range is a perfect complement to SANERGRID's solutions for retention tanks for transformers and fire protection systems, as well as the SPI absorbents and anti-hydrocarbon drainage filters.

Vue 3D d'une fosse déportée Tri volume DEPOSIT TV HTB1 type RETIPS et RTE

DEPOSIT-MV 30 m3 fosse déportée monobloc monovolume


Containment booms GRINTEC

Booms against pollution GRINTEC containment booms are designed to retain floating oils or hydrocarbons on the surface of the water. They can trap them and then contain the spill in a surface defined by the location of the boom.

Hydrocarbon absorbents GRINTEC®

An absorption simple and effective GRINTEC® absorbents, are designed to absorb oil spills and other petroleum based liquids while repelling water. Absorbents are ideal for use in bunds, on lakes, harbours, rivers and the sea where oil needs to be absorbed...

Containment booms floating debris GRINTEC

Dams against plastic waste and floating debris GRINTEC These floating dams are designed to hold floating objects on the surface or semi-submerged. They can trap plastic objects, tree branches and other potentially dangerous floating objects and then contain...

DEPOSIT® subterranean containment pit for transformer

DEPOSIT® prefabricated subterranean containment pits allows you to install your interceptor faster, cheaper and more reliably in substations and for power transformers. Robust, reliable, resistant to corrosion and hot oils. Twice safer than concrete pits...
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