SYNERDIS® offers you a wide range of Trafo ELETTRO encapsulated dry-type transformers. Trafo ELETTRO, an Italian manufacturer based near Vicenza (Venice), has been designing and manufacturing high-tech, reliable high-voltage dry-type transformers for over 40 years.

Historically, TrafoELETTRO has been a supplier to high-tech, high added-value electrical sectors such as mining, petrochemicals and rail traction, and to demanding markets such as Scandinavia, Germany, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Australia and South Africa.

SYNERDIS has been representing Trafo ELETTRO coated dry transformers since 2016. With its ultra-modern factory, test laboratory and in-house engineering, SYNERDIS distributes more than a hundred transformers a year on the French market. Whether for standard 24kV or dual-voltage 15/20kV distribution applications, or for customised applications such as petrochemicals, metallurgy, heat production, photovoltaics, electric mobility or the aerospace industry.

Trafo ELETTRO was one of the first companies to produce dry cast resin electrical transformers in 1983. Our standard designs have been tested in KEMA/CESI international laboratories for compliance with the following standards: environmental class E3, climatic class C2 and fire behaviour class F1, as prescribed by IEC standards and with a partial discharge rate of less than 5 pico coulomb (<5pC). We can offer you customised E4 C4 F1 transformers and intelligent sensors for integration into your connected monitoring system.

With more than 20,000 units installed worldwide, TrafoELETTRO resin transformers are appreciated for their robustness, self-extinguishing characteristics in the event of fire and great design versatility for power ratings up to 30 MVA and 54 kV. We also have unique expertise in encapsulated dry-type transformers with on-load regulators, and dry-type transformers with amorphous magnetic cores for ultra-low loss rates and low noise levels.

We can also offer IP21, IP31 and IP43 enclosures to suit your needs and adapt the busbars on the sides or roof of our IPs.

Our plants are ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified, have a CSR policy and have all integrated a decarbonisation programme based mainly on short-cycle sourcing and advanced eco-design in the upstream phase of studies and projects.

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