Who we are ?

Our society

SANERGRID® dedicates its mission to the environmental sector and industrial risk in the electrical sector.

SANERGRID® is based on two major concepts: design of innovative solutions for the environment and the representation of premium international electro technical brands.

SANERGRID® offers a range of solutions for cost optimization, tools for the reduction of your environmental impact and your risks inherent to any industrial electrical projects realization.

To provide you at the best, SANERGRID® has been looking for the most prestigious partners in France, Europe and the world.

Distributor of very well-known electric equipment brands, SANERGRID® leans on the laboratories of its partners to develop new concepts in line with the customer needs.

SANERGRID Lyon transformateur électrique sec ecodesign bac de rétention outillage experto papier nomex coupe feu

Contact us, we will meet your requirements for quality and industrial commitment.

Our values

SANERGRID® has decided to carry in Europe, in Latin America and in Gulf states, its values to serve its clients:
  • Innovation dedicated to environment,
  • Cost reduction,
  • Environmental impact.
SANERGRID France vous propose des filtres hydrocarbures SPI, petro pit, petro pipe petro barrier pour vos bacs et fosses de rétention, ainsi que des systèmes antifeu et des transformateurs électriques

Our 4 sectors of activities

  • the representation of manufacturers of high voltage transformers (cast resin or oil),
  • the design, manufacture and sale of retention tanks for electrical transformers,
  • the distribution of protective equipment in electrical substations; for goods and people,
  • and the realization of 2D, 3D and virtual or augmented reality engineering for substations.

Where to find us

SANERGRID® has built throughout its history a European network of partners, agent and distributors ready to bring you a customer service on site able to follow you daily in a closer follow-up.

sanergrid et son réseau français d'agent et représentant grand ouest midi Bretagne paris Est Lyon paca et européen

Contact us to know who is the closest company partner next to you, or if you want to be part of the SANERGRID® network.

Contacter sanergrid pour un comercial ou conseil ingénierie développement de produits innovants

Transformateur de puissance
Transformateur/Transformateur de puissance à huile 8 MVA 63 KV France Kolektor ETRA par SANERGRID
Bacs de rétention et systèmes coupe feu
ERT bac de rétention anti feu pour transformateur avec système de filtration SPI de Sanergrid
Solutions d'isolation et de protection haute tension
Gamme complète de protection anti intrusion avifaune animale poste haute tension MIDSUN gamme E samergrid
Ingénierie numérique et simulations 3D
simulation 3D Transformateur a huile sur bac de rétention ERT equipé dun système davacuation des eaux de pluie PETRO PIT