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EXTICOV LHD Extinguishing gratings cover for fire suppressing system for transformer

SANERGRID® Extinguishing cover for transformers pits EXTICOV™ range allows you to comply with all regulatory and technical requirements regarding fire suppression and oil spill. Tested by independent laboratory, it allows to avoid the classical pebbles and stones below transformer.  

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The EXTICOV-LHD® industrial fire gratings are directly derived from the oil and natural gas transportation sectors in the Off-shore area and in the transformer substations of energy production and distribution companies the world

The fireproof cover for the EXTICOV LHD transformer pit is a galvanized sheet metal floor with a perforated structure surface. It is made from U-shaped sheet steel, 2 or 3 mm thick, depending on your need for strength. These various elements are welded into panels. The panel delivery allows to bypass the time-consuming screwing of the elements during assembly. Thus, assembly and maintenance work at the retention cuvettes can be carried out much more quickly and at lower costs.

The fireproof cover EXTICOV-LHD® owes its fireproof effect to the perforated structure of its surface, which allows only a reduced supply of oxygen to the focus of the fire.

Thus, the focus of the fire is deprived of a large amount of oxygen, so that we are dealing with an extremely under-ventilated fire. In spite of this reduced air flow, the oil escaping from the transformers in the event of damage can flow freely and quickly into the retention tank below the ground. (600 liters / minute over an area of ​​1000 x 1000 mm)

Advantages over other traditional firewall covers
- fireproof property measured in several laboratories
- greater volume of drainage due to coverage
- reduced assembly and disassembly times: the grating is directly included, and earthing operations
- reduced clean weight - reduced costs of supporting structures
- high passive safety of maintenance and service personnel, non-slip surface
- less risk of clogging of the system by leaves or organic residues
- ease of creation of access door

Frame based extinguishing cover for concrete pit in substations.

Set of hot dip galvanized modular frames with extinguishing cover, steel angle and anti-slippery gratings.

Quick installation by modules, inspection door integrated and self « lock-out » of the extinguishing cover.

A precise civil work drawing must be transmitted to manufacture the system.

On previous budget demand, an in situ measurement can be done by one of our local installation partner (consult us).

Below EXTICOV™ LHD, by using a concrete manhole connected to the actual pit, possibility to integrate a filtration system PETRO PIPE® for continuous rainwater drainage.

Connect all parts with earth bonding strap (not delivered, responsibility of the installer).

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