noise reduction and anti-vibration protection for electrical transformers

New SANERGRID patent: VibeR99 from the SanerVib range

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  • Double anti-vibration wheel for 80% noise reduction on electrical transformers
  • Single anti-vibration wheel to reduce noise pollution on electrical transformers by 80%.
  • Single anti-vibration wheel reduces noise pollution from electrical transformers by 80%.

SANERGRID® has filed a patent for its new VibeR80™ product in the SanerVib range; here is some information to help you discover this new product.

The VibeR80™ is a silentblock specially designed to be integrated directly into the transformer, above the roller. Depending on the load to be supported, the VibeR80™ consists of 1 or more damping elements.

Thanks to this innovation, you can roll your transformer fitted with a high-efficiency silentblock directly into your substation.

No need to move your transformer to a handling area to raise it. This avoids the need to create a lifting zone in an adjoining space.

The updated SanerVib® range includes all our SanerVib80 and SanerVib99 silentblocks, classic or on studs, with or without rollers.