SANERGRID is the distributor of Kolektor ETRA power transformers in France approved 225 kV by EDF

SANERGRID and KOLEKTOR ETRA have obtained the EDF approval for 225 KV power transformers

Accueil / News / SANERGRID and KOLEKTOR ETRA have obtained the EDF approval for 225 KV power transformers
  • Acceptance of Kolektor ETRA power transformer factory SYNERDIS electrical stations
  • Installation of oil preservers on the Kolektor ETRA SONEC SANERGRID oil-filled electric transformer
  • Oil-filled electrical transformers from 10 to 500 MVA and up to 420 kVA for electrical substations

SANERGRID and KOLEKTOR ETRA (a Slovenian manufacturer of power transformers for more than 80 years) are proud to an nounce the successful approval of their 225 KV transformer with EDF. Considering that our 63 KV and 90 KV transformers have already been approved by EDF, this additional certification is a recognition of the quality of our factories and the work done. It initiates a new phase of collaboration with the world energy leader EDF and in the progression of KOLEKTOR ETRA on the French and francophone market in general.

KOLEKTOR ETRA is a company with nearly 400 employees, generating a turnover of more than 110 million eur os in 2018. A large part of the French technology is used in our products, since the license agreement was signed with ALSTHOM-SAVOISIENNE in the late 70s.

Located in the European capital LUBJANA and close to 2 other major international airports such as VENICE in Italy and ZAGREB in Croatia, KOLEKTOR ETRA possesses a modern and technologically advanced factory that allows us to produce, transport and install transformers up to 500 MVA and 400 kV.

KOLEKTOR ETRA controls the manufacturing process entirely from studies to the cutting of the magnetic heart, through the winding, the drying under kerosene vapor, the assembly and the tests.

Our latest generation high-voltage laboratory and our many ISO certifications (9001, 14001 and 18001), attest to our true expertise, our high level of quality, while keeping western social standards, ensuring the welfare of our workers and CSR commitment of a large European group. Customers like RWE, EDF, LAFARGE or BOUYGUES put their trust in us, which is a guarantee of a level of service, and quality products.

The list of our reference is available to the public here:

Among other things, the expertise of KOLEKTOR ETRA is particularly recognized in the field of hydroelectric transformers for factories, transformers for wind farms and photovoltaic, and substation on offshore platform.

Attached you will find introductory materials as well as some example of accomplishments. And here is the video tour of the factory in French