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GRINTEC® : hydrocarbons spill risk management solution for offshore and onshore pollutions

SANERGRID integrates GRINTEC®, one of the world's leading manufacturers of onshore hydrocarbon pollution risk management solutions and marine (offshore) pollution.
GRINTEC® offers ranges of products including containment booms and retention barriers, skimmers and oil skimmers, temporary hydrocarbon storage solutions, and a full range of chemical and hydrocarbon absorbents.
GRINTEC® completes the SANERGRID’s Hydrocarbon Risk Management activity related to transformers, in particular the risks of dielectric oil leakage from electrical transformers and the associated retention problems in the case of crisis: emergency booms on hydroelectric sites, rivers and lakes downstream power substations.

But also large petrochemical sites at the seaside, hydrocarbon terminals, industrial harbor, ports or marinas. Whether for industry or communities, SANERGRID offers through GRINTEC® solutions, a turnkey offer from the retention of hydrocarbons to the supply of equipment in case of pollution with oils and hydrocarbons. And thus, allow compliance of industrial sites exposed, sites classified by environmental agencies, local authorities, ... in order to comply with decrees and environmental standards, including the Water Act and water protection laws.


Containment booms floating debris GRINTEC

Dams against plastic waste and floating debris GRINTEC These floating dams are designed to hold floating objects on the surface or semi-submerged. They can trap plastic objects, tree branches and other potentially dangerous floating objects and then contain...

Containment booms GRINTEC

Booms against pollution GRINTEC containment booms are designed to retain floating oils or hydrocarbons on the surface of the water. They can trap them and then contain the spill in a surface defined by the location of the boom.

Hydrocarbon absorbents GRINTEC®

An absorption simple and effective GRINTEC® absorbents, are designed to absorb oil spills and other petroleum based liquids while repelling water. Absorbents are ideal for use in bunds, on lakes, harbours, rivers and the sea where oil needs to be absorbed...

Skimmers GRINTEC®

A simple tool for easy hydrocarbon harvesting GRINTEC® Skimmers are compact models, designed for recovering all types of hydrocarbon. Within our range of Skimmer, we can differentiate between Selective Skimmers and Overflow Skimmers. All our equipments are...
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