Transformers and electric apparatus

Electrical transformers are the main equipment in the electricity cycle, from the production, transport and distribution of electricity. From power transformer which can be as big as a house up to the cell phone transformer which fit in your hand bag, they transform tension level (V in Volts) and current (I intensity in Ampère)  regarding different levels of electrical power (kVA kilovoltamperes) and have each a unique mechanical, electrical and condition in use characteristic; regarding each installation they are installed. Submitted through time to a lot of parameters, they also need protections, switchgear, relays, maintenance (spare parts, replacement parts…)

SANERGRID therefore propose a wide range of oil transformers, cast resin transformers, and dry type transformers from recognized European brands to cover a wide range of applications. SANERGRID also propose range of apparatus surrounding the transformer, such as power factor correction, harmonic filters, spare parts etc….

SANERGRID transformer ecodesign dry type oil substation such as power factor correction harmonic filters spare parts


Temperature relay digital T-154

The temperature relay with digital display T-154 is a microprocessor-based electronic device for temperature monitoring and control of dry-type resin-coated transformers.  It connects to 3 PT100 probes and can be coupled with fans and alarms to protect your...

Standard dry-type distribution cast resin transformer TrafoELETTRO by SYNERDIS

Standard SYNERDIS encapsulated cast resin transfo rmers has been specifically designed to meet the needs of the distribution sector of the French electrical market. It combines a highly standardized design with an optimized production line automation.

Probes PT100 for temperature relay T-154

Probes PT100 for temperature relay  T-154 for dry type transformer temperature monitoring

Probes PTC for temperature relay T-119

Probes PTC for temperature relay  T-119 for dry type transformer temperature monitoring

Temperature relay T-119

T-119 protection relay for monitoring the windings of your electrical transformer.

TrafoELETTRO Dry type cast resin bi tension transformers SANERGRID

Cast resin dry type transformers bi tension ECO DESIGN SANERGRID for fire protection and safety in your installation, no retention tank and no extinguishing system required. Recommended for hospitals, tunnels, train, supermarket...  

Special dry-type cats resin power transformers, traction or wind turbine TrafoELETTRO

Special dry-type cast resin transformers TrafoELETTRO for power applications and especially for wind turbines, traction applications, mining, petrochemical, furnace transformers, rectifier transformers...

Oil immersed electrical power transformers ETRA

Power transformers ETRA or KOLEKTOR ETRA, oil transformers from 10 to 500 MVA and up to 420 kV.Areas of expertise recognized in the production of hydroelectric power, offshore wind and underground transmission and distribution 

Offshore and onshore windfarm power transformers ETRA

ETRA or KOLEKTOR ETRA power transformers, oil transformers from 10 to 500 MVA and up to 420 kV.Special offshore and onshore wind applications and electricity distribution
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