SANERGRi+D : innovation & Digital

The industry is evolving, SANERGRID®, too.

Every year SANERGRID innovates and files patents on industrial solutions derived from new technologies through its SANERGRi+D™ label for the electrical industry and distribution networks.

SANERGRID introduces tactile touch screen, digital and connected object-based solutions in its projects to reduce CO2 emissions, maintenance times and cycles, risks related to people or the environment; or solutions to monitor physico-chemical parameters from your control center or office. Taking into account your problems of data security, communication distance, lifetime and redundancy of your industry.

SANERGRID offers you its expertise and its network of industrial partners to develop with you the customized solution that does not exist yet, and to meet the current and future needs of your industry.

SANERGRi+D : vidéos 3D pour l'industrie
SANERGRi+D : Présentation produit 3D
SANERGRi+D : Réalité virtuelle pour l'industrie
SANERGRi+D : Réalité Augmentée pour l'industrie

Virtual Reality Solution for Industry

An innovative industrial solution Do you wish to give your business partners an immersive demonstration ? Would you like to use the virtual reality  to present your futur construction sites? Or valildate an engineering project in real time ? Whether...
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