Founded in 1970, Positron develops and manufactures telecommunications equipment for high-reliability and mission-critical applications.

POSITRON® insulator testers are revolutionary, lightweight, easy-to-use tools that detect faults, record them and instantly reveal hazardous conditions on suspension insulators, high-voltage circuit-breakers, bushings and live surge arresters. Simply slide the tester, mounted at the end of a telescopic insulating pole, along the insulating chain. The results are automatically transmitted via Bluetooth to the laptop computer that comes with the equipment, which is equipped with the Insulator Tester software for instant visualisation of any faults.

Whether made of porcelain, glass or composite (silicone), the quality of an insulator is a determining factor in the robustness of your electrical installation.

POSITRON insulator testers represent a major advance in insulator integrity assurance, enabling safe and reliable assessment of the performance of critical high-voltage insulators.

They come in 3 models: for composite, porcelain or glass insulators, and universal for electrical substations. And 2 configurations: on an insulating pole or mounted on a drone for increased live working safety.

SYNERDIS is the European representative of POSITRON and will support you in training and reading output data curves. Equipment recognised and used by RTE.

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